Our Community

Riceland Hospice is locally owned and we take pride in our community. We run volunteer programs to help those in need as well as bring people together to participate in community events. We even run an outreach program to care for people in our area who require our help. We do all of this because we love the people in our community and want them to succeed. We feel it is our responsibility raise awareness of problems with nearby areas that need our help, and to raise awareness of how people like you can help them.

Volunteering In The Community

We love to participate in many events and projects all over the area. From charity and fund raisers, to just plain fun events with the community. Being active in these projects not only helps people in our area, but it also brings us so much joy to know we did something great to make someone's life better.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Riceland Hospice welcomes individuals or organizations that would be interested in providing volunteer services such as reading to patients, running errands for the primary care giver or assisting staff in the office.

Journey Program

Our Journey Program is an activity providing services to people who might not otherwise have access to those services. The key component is the fact that the services provided are mobile and can go to the needy when they cannot otherwise come to us. Outreach also educates the community by raising the awareness of existing services. Riceland Hospice takes pride in its outreach program and would love to show you the services that we have set up for those in need.