Volunteer Signup

Volunteers provide patient care and support services according to his/her experience and training and in compliance with organization policies. Volunteers are a critical part of our service for and to our patients. And we are always interested in talking with individuals, male and female over 18, who may be interested in donating some of their time to support the high quality of life we seek to provide our patients and their families. Volunteers may work as individuals, in pairs or in small groups to accomplish tasks or assignments.

Volunteers may work in the following areas:

Provide emotional support and practical assistance that enhances the comfort and quality of life for patients and Family/caregivers. Companionship, listening, reading to a patient or playing card games or other limited activities Simply “being there,” and preparing meals.

Provide anticipatory counseling and bereavement support to family/caregivers.

Offer a type of practical support often needed by hospice patients and family/caregivers such as picking up prescriptions, supplies, grocery shopping, etc.

Lend their services working in hospice’s administrative offices.

Position Qualifications

Mature individual, supportive of the hospice concept, comfortable with his/her own spirituality and willing to serve others in a volunteer capacity. Volunteers must pass a standard TXPS background check and agree to abide by HIPPA regulations. Candidates must complete the hospice’s volunteer training and orientation program which takes a couple of hours. Previous volunteer experience may be helpful but isn't necessary. Ability to work within the interdisciplinary group is important.

Anyone interested in volunteering or in completing community service hours with Riceland Hospice® should contact our offices at (409)842-1112 or fill out the form below to arrange for an interview. We are open Monday through Friday and can accommodate most schedules.

We would love to see you!